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K & K Prairie Recycling Services offers a wide range of solutions to your recycling and waste management needs.
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KKPRS collects, hauls and processes various grades of ferrous (iron based) scrap metals, including industrial and prime grades, oversize steel, obsolete equipment, demolition scrap and dealer scrap. These recycled metals are marketed to various steel mills in the form of heavy melt, plate and structural, shred logs, bushelling and cast for input into virgin steel making and steel products.

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Brokerage & Marketing

Our company manages the logistics of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, whereby these recycled metals are moved to markets so that they can be re-used by steel mills, smelters and foundries in an effective manner. We leverage our preferred relationships and large volumes to offer our business partners quality pricing. The value creation creates a "win" for all parties.

Remote Processing
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We work with OEM and institutional clients to provide remote processing services to clean-up yards, facilities or other distant locations, that have an abundance of end-of-life or difficult to process materials.  KKPRS utilizes stat of the art balers, shears and processing equipment and employs a highly trained and certified workforce to execute on behalf of their clients.


KKPRS collects, hauls and processes various grades of non-ferrous scrap metals, including metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless, magnesium and zinc. These recycled metals are marketed to various smelters and foundries, which in turn recycle into high grade materials for sale to manufacturers. We engage in hedging programs to mitigate risk and maximize returns for their clients.

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We work with our OEM clients to provide services to decommission aged facilities, equipment or other unwanted/unusable materials, so that they can be recycled and re-used by steel mills, smelters and foundries.

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Roll Off Bin Services

We offer bin services for recycling, servicing Industrial and commercial in East Central Alberta and surrounding communities. With a variety of bin sizes and options to suit your business' needs - making it easy to recycle at job sites, plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Municipal Landfill & Transfer Site 
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Offers a very specific mobile metal clean-up and recycling service designed for municipalities and their need for safe and efficient extraction of metals from their landfill and/or transfer site facilities. 

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Our team offers some of the best torch specialists in North America. 

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