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Municipal Landfill & Transfer Site Recycling

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Landfill & Transfer Site Services

K & K Prairie Recycling Services (KKPRS) has provided specific mobile metal clean-up and recycling to municipal landfills and transfer sites for over 25 years and is well versed in the wide array of variables and conditions associated with executing this work on your waste management facility/site. With our metals knowledge and competency combined with extensive experience in the municipal area, KKPRS is both equipped with the right people and machinery to get the job done safely and efficiently leaving your site clean and empty, ready to face the continued demands that your constituents put on your operation.

Our equipment ranges from Aljon 580 balers/car loggers to an assortment of excavators that will sort your metal pile and safely load out a wide array of trailer types for getting your metal and white goods off your site. For projects that require more agility, we will simply arrive with crew, machines and high-sided trailers to loose load out your metal and get it gone almost as quickly as it took for you to hire us, did I say....."almost". Please review and take note of the highlights of our service offering and if this is not what's happening with your current provider, please consider giving us a call and an opportunity to show you what we can do:


  • We can process upward of 75+ tons of material (metals, white goods, etc..) daily.

  • Our operation is completely independent once we arrive to your site (aside from hazard assessment and project completion interaction with site manager).

  • Our professional team will provide reporting after the service is complete so you can track exactly what amount of metal was extracted from your site for Alberta Environment reporting. 

  • Cleanliness is a high priority for us, we utilize a magnet attachment on our excavator to comb the collection area to ensure the ground is clean of all metallics as much as possible (mud & ice may make this process a bit harder, but we do our best to get what we can cleaned up).

  • We take all non-hazardous scrap metal.

  • Advance scheduling and communication, so you can feel confident your site will be dealt with as per your expectations; you can call us with any special requests.

  • Safety compliance is a must with KKPRS; we have SECOR, AVETTA, ACSA certifications and are in good standing with WCB.

  • We also include a NO CHARGE freon removal from all CFC units when we are on site.

Over 30 municipalities in Alberta can't be wrong when they use our service! We'd be happy to share some or all of our contacts with you so you can hear first hand of the superior services we have to offer!

Contact us today to learn more about our services!  Call 780-900-4960 or Email us at



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